Funds Raised

India fellow is a 13 month long experiential learning programme for young Indians from diverse backgrounds. It involves working full time for a year with a social organization on a specific project or issue.  The programme is a challenging platform for the fellows as they have to come out of their comfort zones, delve into the development sector, and have a first-hand experience of working in authentic grassroots organizations

The fellowship model is designed to create a wider impact as well. Throughout the fellowship, the fellows undergo a lot of training sessions and mentorship from eminent people within the sector which helps them function better in their organizations. On the other hand, the organizations gain from the fresh and independent perspective brought to their work by the fellows. At the end of the thirteen months, the fellows pass out of the programme with a rich experience of the social sector .They also leave with a clearer idea of their place in the development puzzle and, wherever they decide to move next, they take with them the learnings and connections they developed during  the fellowship.

Partner NGOs

Why am I fundraising?

Travel Workshop

 In the 10th month of the fellowship, the fellows travel to a location which has a complete new environment and, hence its own set of challenges and opportunities. This year, the location is Ladakh. This workshop helps in exposing fellows to the whole range of organizations working in that area and how these organizations have adapted to the unique challenges and made that environment their learning and working space. The fellows get to visit and interact with the people of these institutions in order to learn from them, and cultivate valuable connections before of the fellowship period.

The workshop is not a one-sided affair. The fellow also work on problems faced by the organizations present there, bringing the benefit of both an outsiders’ perspective and their learnings from their year of work in the field.

As a group, the fellows have to raise Eight Lakh Ten Thousand Rupees for the travel workshop.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

We plan to use the funds to sponsor the travel costs, food and accommodation, and miscellaneous other costs of each of the 27 fellows of the India Fellow 2015 cohort.

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